Troy Morgan + Work Life Balance
Troy Morgan Coaching

Troy Morgan is the face and inspiration behind Willows Health & Lifestyle Centre, and he is branching out to pursue a passion of his – helping people achieve their goals both personally and professionally. Troy Morgan Coaching engages with programs and presentations that are motivational, educational and he provides practical, do-able techniques that change people’s lives. Troy’s passion and energy is contagious, and his philosophy is all about getting the work / life balance right - to get the most out of life.

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Troy Morgan Blog2

Following the advice of Troy Morgan { above } we have been working on restoring our own work / life balance… small daily choices make for a happy, healthy home and workplace :)

CHOICE 1. We have swapped the bikkie barrel for a fruit bowl. Which a) gives a healthy alternative to ward off those afternoon munchies and b) adds colour to the Black Canvas lounge. Yes, we have a lounge – do drop by for a lie down if you ever feel the urge!

CHOICE 2. We have also been enjoying the pleasures of our in-house masseuse!  Lyle Lucht Massage Therapy