Logo Design

It all starts with a logo

First impressions count. A logo designed by Black Canvas will help you look your best!  

Your logo will create a platform for all future communications. Potential customers will see it on your signage, business cards and online. The logo solution should be unique, simple, flexible and applied with consistency. As everything flows from the logo, it is imperative (and cost effective) to get this important part of your business right from the very beginning. If you have a limited budget for your brand, then we recommend starting with a professionally designed custom logo which will speak directly to your target market. The rest of your branding will follow on from this.

We also realise that your brand is made up of more than just a logo. Our aim is to empower you with the tools to develop a consistent, unified and professional presentation. An innovative brand will reflect who you are including your vision, energy, capabilities and unique approach.

Building a brand starts with a professionally designed, custom logo by Black Canvas.

Some of our logos we love! 

Single -Page -Website -wellcamp  Single -Page -Website -jatec  Single -Page -Website -focus -hr  Single -Page -Website -tmba -corporate -catering  Single -Page -Website -produce -pantry  Single -Page -Website -inferno  Single -Page -Website -nutmeg  Single -Page -Website -ijc  Single -Page -Website -condon -charles